Current outlook for the food and beverage sector remains cautiously optimistic; however, macroeconomic trends and public policy headwinds make it increasingly important to pay close attention to consumer preferences, while leveraging technology to drive process improvements and optimization. Margin pressures remain front and center due to increases in transportation expenses, wages and tariffs. Consumer tastes remain a moving target. But big data, analytics and artificial intelligence offer more transparency for companies to target consumers now. Technology will have an even greater impact to the sector. Although rising interest rates may slow down capital expenditures, it will be increasingly important for companies to strategize and prioritize technological investments to enhance and optimize cost efficiencies. Given the tight labor market and rising wages, industry has seen more investment in robotics, process automation and enterprise resource planning. Meanwhile, food safety risk will become increasingly important next years to come, as blockchain technology is deployed to improve traceability and transparency of an end-to-end supply chain. Technology continues to be a differentiator. We use machine learning to build the world’s simplest and most comprehensive management system for the food & beverage industry.