Safety Risk Management, gone wild

WPMS Safety, guiding the direction of change in your favor

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Compliance monitoring, made easy

WPMS Compliance, the easiest tool for regulatory risk management.

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ERP, all emergencies, all industries

WPMS ERP, making a change in the way you approach emergency management.

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WPMS Features

Effective safety and compliance risk management means success with maximum operational output & zero safety sacrifice, reduced reactionary incident costs, and improved team morale. WPMS means confidence through a systematic approach leaving no room for subjectivity, resulting in the mitigation of legal & financial liability. Our clients are spoiled by the freedom to pinpoint their compliance with any regulation, resulting in lighter regulatory scrutiny and increased workforce productivity.
Our Pay As You Go system let’s people think in simple linear loops and does all the complex stuff in the background such as: Safety risk management, Hazard identification and analyses, Up-to date laws, rules and regulations library, SPI-based Reports, Advanced graphics, Dynamic dashboards.

This is the future of safety risk management, join us!

About us

We provide smart, creative operational, safety and compliance risk management solutions, so that our clients remain competitive and agile in an increasingly efficient global environment.

Ever-evolving industry regulations & massive amounts of safety data don’t have to slow you down. We get to know our clients individual needs, and help them simplify and leverage these challenges to get ahead.

We specialize in risk management systems development and consultancy for regulated industries such as aviation, automotive, energy, and finance. We work closely with our clients and offer a high degree of custom business analytics with a focus on control, performance & security at scale.

With thousands of aviation industry hours under our belt, in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, we have crafted the tool that our teams have always been after. Today, we’re ecstatic to see that it is just as well received by our clients, too.

Our Management System is a simple structure laid over a more complex data structure. That’s it. Yes, seriously. WPMS system is one of the simpler systems.

You want more details? Fine.

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Package pricing

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WPMS Compliance

Perfect for compliance monitoring departments and startups
  • Audits and Inspections
  • Findings Management
  • Regulations Library
  • Audit Checklists
  • KPI Dashboards
  • * fees quoted are monthly / per user

WPMS Safety

Best for safety managers and departments
  • Safety Performance Monitoring
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Management
  • SPI Dashboards
  • Reporting Tools
  • * fees quoted are monthly / per user

WPMS Enterprise

Great for large operations as a full scale management system
  • Full Suite of Services
  • Approval Checklists
  • Publications Library
  • SPI & KPI Dashboards
  • Support Forum
  • * fees quoted are monthly / per user

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