The energy & utilities sector is changing – stay ahead of the shift. While customer-interface technologies may be the most visible aspect of technological enhancement of the utility business, they are far from the only aspect. The technology landscape for utilities, from generation right through to the customer, has probably never been richer. We could point to sources of generation, with the cost performance and scalability of wind and solar continuing to improve year over year at a rapid pace; to grid operations, where smart-grid technologies provide real-time information into all aspects of grid status (not just electron flows), and where batteries are now able to provide multiple services such as load shifting, frequency regulation, and localized reserves; to distributed or localized sources of energy for which utilities can partner with customers or communities to install and operate power systems customized for specific needs. And then we could add to all that the overall opportunities of digitalization and integration of operational systems, back-office systems, and supply chain management. When we look at all this, it seems clear that utilities should move technological awareness and strategic thinking from being a niche activity to the core of planning and strategy. Our ready-to-use, modular, standardised services are designed to boost value and efficiency in your business immediately.