Not only is digital transforming cities, it is also transforming the way engineering and construction companies run their businesses. The construction industry is moving quickly to incorporate game-changing technologies into operations to increase safety, reduce operational costs, provide innovative solutions to customers, and find competitive advantages with real-time insights that can change project outcomes. Internally, digital technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) have the ability to make significant impacts on back-office operations for engineering and construction firms. Data is quickly becoming the core for future success in the construction industry. It moves business decisions from reactive to predictive and could enable engineering and construction firms to outpace their competition. A data and analytics strategy can fuel the ability to deliver smart buildings and smart cities projects, identify and address diminishing margins, and manage increasing project size and complexity. It can help identify not only what went wrong but also prevent it from happening in the future.Data and analytics also provide companies the ability to refine operations and tackle business goals like reducing costs or providing next-generation client services. Companies can use a data-driven approach to unlock smart decision making, identify the optimal location for their project, and source the best materials to use, all through an interface that enables decision makers to ask questions and work through scenarios. We have a framework for collecting the data from all of these sources, using tools and models to analyze that data, and providing the insights gleaned to the right people in the right moment to make an impact on the business.